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From farm to table, every step of the way is the most important step! Our coffee is made from exclusive single origin coffee beans. They’re freshly roasted and perfectly brewed. But that’s not all we’re obsessed about.

We make sure all our beans pass inspection requirements to earn the designation “Specialty Coffee Beans”. Our beans are grown at the right time of year, at the right altitude and in the right soil.

Our farmers are passionate about quality over quantity. Our buyers aren’t shopping for the best deal but the right choice. Our roasters are artisans in the perfect roast of heat transfer and chemistry. Our baristas not only know how to brew the perfect cup they also know how to teach the customer the uniqueness of each bean.

And of course, our customers are the ones all this dedication and obsession has been created for. By purchasing and enjoying our coffee you are telling all our team that you truly appreciate the love they put into to make every drop of Viet Specialty Coffee!

Location of Our farms:

Total area: 110ha

  • Arabica: 50 ha
  • Robusta: 60 ha

Total production per year:

  • Non-certified organic Specialty coffee bean: 33 tons
  • Organic Arabica coffee bean: 90 tons
  • Organic Robusta coffee bean: 120 tons
Viet Specialty Coffee USDA Organic
Viet Specialty Coffee Organic
Viet Specialty Coffee SGS
Viet Specialty Coffee HACCP Certification

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